What Is News?


News is the information that we hear about or read about in newspapers, radio, and TV. This includes everything from breaking news and stories about the latest presidential elections to weather forecasts, train schedules, and educational opportunities for students. It’s also news about other people’s lives, including things that are happening in their neighborhood, city or state.

The History of News

News has been around a long time, and it’s always been delivered to us by those who are the major suppliers or gatekeepers, such as trained journalists. But it’s only in recent years that the Internet and other digital media technologies have made news more accessible to everyone. Now all of us can be a supplier or a gatekeeper, even if we’re not working in the news industry.

The Definition of News

The definition of news is one of the most important questions in journalism because it’s the basis for how the world knows what’s going on. It’s what we use to understand what’s happened and what might happen in the future, and it’s how we determine which facts are important enough to tell a story about and which facts aren’t worth reporting at all.

There are many different ways to define what constitutes news, but most of the time it has a few basic characteristics that are understood by all who consume it: timeliness, drama, consequence, proximity, and narrative.

Timing is a very important factor when it comes to news because nobody likes to read an outdated article about something that happened in the past. This is why news items that have occurred recently are usually more effective than stories about events that have already happened.

Drama is another important factor in news because drama adds to the excitement of the story. This is especially true of dramatic news stories that are unusual and that have a strong emotional connection with readers.

Prominence is also a significant factor in news because people are interested in the lives of those who are prominent or well-known. This is especially true of celebrities and famous sportspeople.

Consequence is a very important factor in news because consequences of events can change the way people think and act, and they can lead to major changes in government policies. This is why many news reports focus on negative consequences, such as when a company cuts jobs or when an athlete gets hurt.

Properly Using Images

In the age of the Internet, images are an essential part of any news piece. They grab attention, help the reader keep track of a large amount of information, and are a great way to convey a story without writing an entire newspaper article.

The best way to create an attractive, scannable news piece is to write it in a style that’s approved by the writing staff at your news organization. For example, if your newspaper has an inverted pyramid style of writing, then follow that format and include pictures that are appropriate for the topic.