What Are Business Services?

Business services is a category of activities that help a company operate efficiently and productively. This includes a variety of industry functions, such as IT support, shipping logistics and procurement. These activities are largely intangible, meaning they cannot be physically touched or seen. However, they are essential to a company’s success.

The Business Services Center (BSC) is New York State’s central office for processing human resource and finance transactions that are common across agencies. By streamlining these administrative processes, BSC helps to increase efficiencies and reduce costs while supporting agency employees as they focus on their core mission activities.

In addition, the Business Services team provides an internal customer service for all NYS agencies through the resolution of HR and Finance issues. This team proactively supports agency customers through the use of a range of innovative technologies, including virtual meetings, email communication and automated workflows. The team also uses data and analytics to ensure the BSC is working toward metric-based performance goals.

Providing the best quality of service is critical to any company. The most successful organizations have a clear understanding of their customers’ needs and how those needs evolve over time, as well as the assets and resources needed to provide those services. They also have a well-defined business model and set of achievable objectives. This helps employees focus on what matters most and makes it easier to meet the company’s main purpose.

While business support isn’t as visible as a product or service, it plays an important role in ensuring the overall success of a business. Companies rely on a variety of business support services, including IT support, shipping and logistics, procurement and accounting. Many businesses have their own in-house business support teams, while others outsource these services to specialists.

When you create a new business service, you can assign it to one or more categories and customize its properties to meet your organization’s requirements. For example, you can choose to make a service a favorite, which causes it to display at the top of the Business Services page by default. You can also select which RCA options to display for the service.

To assign a business service to a category, click the menu icon in the upper-left corner of the Business Services page. Then, select the desired category from the list. To remove a business service from a category, click the menu icon again and select “Delete Services.”

A career in business services is a great option for people who are interested in helping other businesses grow and succeed. These professionals are often the ones who come up with creative solutions to challenges and help businesses save money and time. If you’re interested in a career in this field, consider attending a free virtual work program offered by Forage. Our free work programs give you the opportunity to gain first-hand experience in a variety of different business services roles, so you can find the perfect fit for you.