How to Write a Good News Article


News is current events which are reported to the public, usually by newspapers, magazines and radio. They may also be distributed via the Internet. News is not necessarily objective, but should try to present as many sides of an issue as possible. It can be amusing, dramatic or disturbing. It may contain social commentary, politics and even advertising. It is important that the news is not biased or inaccurate, and that it is reported in a timely manner.

When writing a news article, the most important thing to remember is who you are writing for. Unless you maintain a website with a global audience, your readership is restricted to people who live in or are interested in the area where the event took place. Narrowing down the demographic can help you focus your research and write an interesting article.

In-depth news stories take a particular subject and research it heavily. They generally require more time and effort to write, but can be quite rewarding to read. Often, in-depth news articles are the most valuable because they provide a comprehensive view of an event or subject matter.

Most news articles are based on information that has been painstakingly gathered, verified and checked again and again. In order to qualify as “news”, an event or topic must be significant and must have some kind of impact on society. Some common sources of information for news articles are interviews, investigations and surveys.

The most important part of a news article is the lead paragraph. The headline should be a snappy and concise title which captures the readers’ attention. The body of the news should then outline the main points in a way that is easy to follow. Some news writers choose to write the article using the upside down pyramid format, where the most important points are outlined in the opening paragraph and the least important at the end.

It is not the job of the news to entertain, but entertainment can be added by including music or drama programs on radio or television, and by cartoons or crosswords in newspapers. It is also not the job of the news to give an opinion on an event, but to report the facts. However, most newspapers and magazines do include a comment or opinion on an event.