How Relationships Can Add Meaning to Your Life


Relationships are a vital part of our life, and it’s not just the romantic kind that make us happy. In fact, even casual relationships with people we see daily like the local shopkeeper, our neighbour three doors down or the dog walker can add meaning to our lives. These social connections make us feel more content, improve our mental health and provide a buffer against stress.

In a healthy relationship, you feel loved by each other, which makes you feel emotionally fulfilled. The love is mutual and it comes from your actions as well as your words. You support each other’s interests and passions without feeling resentment or jealousy of each other, and you respect the boundaries set by your partner. You know each other’s loves languages, which are ways you show your partner how much you love them, such as acts of service, quality time or gifts.

You also understand that your partner is not perfect. They will make mistakes, but you trust that they will learn from their mistakes and not repeat them. You are able to forgive them and focus on moving forward as a couple. Your trust is built by being honest and transparent with each other.

Healthy relationships help you become a better version of yourself. They encourage the parts of your personality that may be hiding to come out, such as being more quiet or adventurous. It can be a good learning experience, especially if you are willing to take the lead.

When you find “the one,” it usually feels like an intuitive connection. It’s an inner knowing that this person is right for you and that the two of you are a team that can face any challenge. Hardships can actually strengthen your bond, especially when you’re both committed to making it work.

There are many reasons to stay in a healthy relationship, but the most important is that you both enjoy it. If you find yourself constantly resenting your partner, or if their actions don’t make you feel emotionally fulfilled, it is time to reassess the relationship and consider whether it is worth continuing. If you don’t want to continue, be sure to communicate your feelings with your partner and set clear boundaries moving forward. Then, you can both focus on pursuing the things in your life that give you joy and a sense of purpose. Happy and healthy relationships provide a foundation of meaning that can help you overcome anything in your path.