7 Types of Relationships That Help You Grow and Thrive


Relationships are an important part of life. They help us make sense of our world and provide comfort, security and meaning. They are also a source of growth, development and learning about ourselves.

The type of relationship you have does not matter as much as the quality of your connection to the other person. While some relationships are more serious than others, all types of connections can help you grow and thrive.

1. Positive Relationships Add Meaning to Our Lives

The best relationships bring meaning and purpose to our lives, whether it’s making us feel special and loved or making a difference in our communities. Having someone in your life who can make you feel significant will give you motivation and strength to achieve your goals and pursue your dreams.

2. Healthy, Committed Relationships Equal Better Days and Enjoyable Moments

A healthy, committed relationship means having a partner who will support you no matter what. It means having someone who will cheer you on when the road gets rough and who will encourage you to take chances. It also means having someone who will love you no matter what happens in your life.

3. Certainty and Comfort

The number one thing that everyone is looking for in a relationship is certainty and comfort. This includes the knowledge that you can trust and love your partner and that they would never intentionally cause you pain.

4. Communication and Respect for Each Other

A good relationship is built on respect, honesty and open communication. It is important to have conversations with your partner about how you feel, what you need and what you want from them. This will ensure that you are on the same page about your needs and goals.

5. Intimacy and Physical Bonding

A healthy relationship is about having strong, secure physical intimacy. This can include kissing, cuddling, hugging and sleeping together. It doesn’t have to involve sex, but it’s important to get close enough to share your feelings and needs.

6. The Right Balance

A good healthy relationship is secure enough that each of you can have some space from the other. This can be a great way to encourage each other to develop their own unique personalities. If you’re a high-energy, go-getter who loves adventure but your partner is more of a quieter, more introverted person, it can be helpful to learn how to have different styles and interests in your relationships.

7. Find Your Match

Finding the perfect match can be a difficult task, but it is possible. It can take time, but it is worth it when you finally find the person who is perfect for you.

8. Healthy, Compliant Relationships

A healthy, consistent relationship requires discipline. It can be easy to lash out at your partner, but you should always strive for consistency in your interactions with them. It is also important to avoid making repeat mistakes that could be a detriment to your relationship.